Nervo-Scope® ETS-9A

Nervo-Scope® ETS-6 Thermal Detection Device
  • Item #: CHR-ETS-9A

Nervo-Scope® reliably detects and measures minute heat differences in the tissues along the spine. The instrument can be used comfortably for both pre and post adjustment assessment.

In today’s world, cell phones, tablets, laptops, Blue Tooth systems, wireless networks, radio transmitters, fluorescent lights, etc. are everywhere. In essence, RFI is at an all time high.

As a result of feedback from the Chiropractic community, EDL’s newest Nervo-Scopes® (ETS-9 and ETS-9A) are engineered to reject the influence of these sources and give stable, accurate readings every time the instrument is used.

EDL’s newest  Nervo-Scopes® have the same sensitivity as our previous models. The ETS-9A is compatible with the Analagraph® Graph Recorder and both models are designed to automatically power down after ten minutes.

Each Nervo-Scope® includes a
foam-padded carrying case and cleaning brush.

All of the ETS series Nervo-Scopes are protected by a
full two-year warranty against workmanship and defective components.


  • Meter - Our taut-band meter construction assures continual durability and reliability.
  • Large Scale - For fast readings with large pointer for easy tracking.
  • Comfort Glide Caps - Self lubricated for smooth, easy glides.
  • Highly Sensitive Detectors - Capable of picking up temperature changes as little as 0.02°F.
  • Adjustable Detector Width - Capable of adjusting from 0.6“ wide to 2.1” wide.
  • Function Reliability - All components used are selected for their long-term reliable performance and stability.
  • Auto-Power On/Off - One easy-touch button powers the instrument. After three minutes of non-use, the unit will automatically power off.
  • Multiple Sensitivity Settings - The ETS-6 features six sensitivity settings.
  • Durable Construction - Easy-use design molded from mineral-filled nylon for durability, chemical resistance and non-slip surface.
  • Each Nervo-Scope® includes a foam-padded carrying case and cleaning brush.


  • All Nervo-Scope sales are final, returns are not accepted.
  • EDL manufactures the Nervo-Scope®, however we cannot provide instruction on how to use the scope.
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