Certol ProSpray Wipes for Nervo-Scope®

Certol ProSpray Wipes for Nervo-Scope®
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ProSpray™ Cleaning Wipes

Surface Disinfectant/Cleaner Towelettes

Fast Disinfecting Power:
THREE Minutes to Kill TB and Other Organisms.

  • Alcohol-free, ammonium-free and bleach-free actives are best choice for plastics, vinyls and metals.

User-Friendly Water Based Formula:
Hard on Germs, Not on Hands or Equipment!

  • So safe it is EPA approved for use without gloves (in absence of biohazards).
  • Light lemon scent and deodorizer are more pleasant for healthcare workers and patients.
  • Recommended by EDL for use on Nervo-Scope models ETS-9 and ETS-9A. Also ideal for exam tables, stretchers, IV poles, bed rails, wheelchairs, telephones and many more!
  • Perfect for “high touch” surfaces in public areas implicated in transmission of the flu: locker rooms, door knobs, faucets, phones and TV remotes.
  • Clean non-submersible power equipment prior to sterilization.


Active Agents:
0.647% o-phenylphenol
0.070% o-benzyl-p-chlorophenol

EPA Reg. #: 46851-12

DIN #: 02419904

Solution Color: Natural color

Odor: Lemon scent

Shelf Life: 2 years from date of manufacture


  • What are ProSpray wipes? ProSpray wipes are a ready-to-use surface disinfectant/cleaner in a convenient pre-saturated towelette format. This product combines detergents for cleaning with a three minute contact time for broad spectrum antimicrobial action. ProSpray wipes deodorize with a light lemon scent creating a more pleasant environment for both healthcare workers and patients. 
  • Will ProSpray wipes meet CDC and OSHA guidelines for disinfecting my facility? Yes! Because ProSpray wipes are EPA registered (46851-12) with tested power to kill the benchmark organism M. tuberculosis var. bovis (TB), they are rated as an intermediate-level disinfectant recommended for cleaning and disinfection in all settings where there is a likelihood of blood and body soils or visible blood and body soils. ProSpray wipes also kill MRSA, HIV and many other organisms of concern. 
  • What is the TB kill time for ProSpray wipes? The contact time is three minutes. 
  • What about Hepatitis B and C? The CDC states in guideline documents that any germicide with a tuberculocidal claim on the label is considered capable of inactivating a broad spectrum of less resistant blood borne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. 
  • ProSpray wipes quickly remove blood and other soils. If soils are left on surfaces they may block disinfectants from killing germs. 
  • ProSpray wipes stay fully saturated to help maintain contact time. Alcohol based disinfectants tend to “wick out” causing waste as the top wipe may be too dry to use. Alcohol based wipes may also evaporate before the required contact time. 
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